Every school faces the challenge of developing and maintaining its own brand. To students, parents and your community, your brand and logo are the symbolic embodiments of the education your school provides, the traditions you carry forward, and your values. It represents you to the outside world and influences how people think about you.

What is branding and re-branding?

Branding is the term used to describe the overall design and promotion of an organisation, its products and services. Branding involves selecting the statements, colours and design elements used in creating a logo, and consistently labelling and designing everything using these elements to brand the recognition of the organisation into the minds of their target audience. Branding also involves recognition of an organisation’s overall message, which is woven into design elements and marketing features. Re-branding is the term used to describe taking an existing brand and changing or altering its message and design elements.

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Why re-brand?

10 reasons why you may change your brand identity:

  1. To make it more approachable or accessible
  2. To make it cleaner and more effective
  3. To make it simpler and make the message more obvious
  4. To make it feel more modern and therefore relevant
  5. To better capture who you are
  6. To signal who you are becoming
  7. To show things have changed or are changing
  8. To be bolder and stand out, particularly in competitive markets
  9. To highlight an aspect of your organisation or offering that has been missed
  10. To correct a misconception that is holding your brand back or putting off the very people you are looking to attract.
Why choose advancedlife?

From logos and stationery to signage and marketing products, our creative team can provide branding, promotion design and print services to get your school noticed. We offer excellent service and advice, and your Client Manager and our Print & Design team will work with you every step of the way to create a brand and products that best represent your school.

We offer several different levels of branding – starting with logo re-development and working up to a comprehensive style guide, logo and print package. So whatever your needs might be, we have something to help you create the look and make the impression your school deserves!

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